Ion Detoxification

Why Detox?

We are all exposed to toxins on a daily basis.  It can be through the air we breathe, through the water we drink and bathe in, through the food we eat, and through chemicals we are exposed to evenin our own homes.  The air is polluted from our industry and our automobiles.  The water is polluted from chemical wate, human waste and chemical additives.  The food is polluted from pesticides, contaminated irrigation water, fertilizers, hormone additives, and chemical preservatives.

Our bodies have filters and ways of expelling wastes and toxins.  However, the quantity of toxins we are exposed to is more than the body can handle.  The Need 2 Detox Ion Cleansing Machine is a way to aid your body's detoxification system.

How It Works 

The treatment is given by placing your feet into a tub of distilled water with sea salt. The ions in your body become charged and attract toxins. The array (the black unit in the water) uses bio-electrical energy to attract and pull toxins from the body through the thousands of pores in the feet. 

What to Expect After a Cleanse 

Immediately after a detoxification session, some people feel more energetic, others may feel slightly tired. The cells in the body have been cleansed and recharged; because of the energy the body used in this process, it takes time to rebalance itself. Drink plenty of water to continue cleansing and rebalancing the body for 24 hours after your session.

What do the colors mean?

Yellow Green - kidneys, bladder, urinary, female, prostate

Rusty Orange - joints

Brown - liver, tobacco, cellular debris

Black - liver, gallbladder

Dark Green - gallbladder

White Foam - mucous from lymph system

White Speckles - yeast

Black Speckles - heavy metals

The array circulates the water and reacts with the circulating toxins creating colors and formations according to the type of toxin being extracted.

Testimonials of Real People

Will, age 72
I have had several heart operations. I have nine stints. In this condition, you try anything to better your health. I have been detoxing for several months. I have reduced my required medication under my cardiologist’s supervision. My stamina has increased to the point that I am riding my bicycle ten miles a day. I also see a better control of my cholesterol and blood sugar.

Lynn, age 26
As a 26 year old avid hiker, I was discouraged when I began experiencing joint pain. I had recently heard about a foot bath that could help pull the toxins out of your body and decided to try it. After just a few sessions, I began to notice a HUGE difference in my joint pain. After a few more I was virtually pain free and hiking again.
I have now been a dedicated user for over a year!

Lee, age 52
I’ve noticed since I have done multiple detoxes the dark ages spots on my hands, arms, and face have almost disappeared.

Sterling, age 21
I went to the National Scout Jamboree. Unfortunately I was bit by a tick and got Lyme Disease. It created a health issue so that I could not go on a service mission. I detoxed for several months and I have now been cleared medically to go on the service mission. I feel more energy and stamina. I also feel that I could go back and play college ball.